Tiamonds 2023 Recap: A Journey of Achievements and Milestones

20231228 Tiamonds 2023 Recap- A Sparkling Journey of Achievements and Milestones

The year 2023 ended on a positive note, and it is both an honor and a delight to pause and contemplate the extraordinary journey that Tiamonds has embarked upon over the past two years. Cast your mind back to February 2022, a time when our mission was crystal clear and to lead the charge in tokenization and democratize diamond investments by securing them on the blockchain. We are proud to be the first to lead the way in the tokenization space with the Physical Validator license by LCX. It was a momentous occasion that set the stage for the incredible journey that followed.

We have successfully tokenized and brought to market more than 250 diamonds, each representing a unique and valuable investment opportunity. These tokens have found their way onto various platforms and make diamond investment more accessible to a wider audience than ever before. The exponential growth in the RWAs (Real-World Assets) space, with a market capitalization of $1 billion, bears testimony to the impact we have had on this emerging industry.

Rewinding the Clock: A Year-End Review of Our Successes

This year has been a progressive ride for Tiamonds. Let’s take a look at what we have achieved and what’s next in the coming year.


Tiamonds Platform Relaunch

We kicked off with the revamped Tiamonds platform, offering a seamless and enhanced experience for our users. This marked a significant step in our journey towards revolutionizing the diamond industry through blockchain technology.

Next Batch of Tiamonds Launch

Following the platform relaunch, we introduce the next batch of 100 exquisite Tiamonds, showcasing their beauty and rarity. Each Tiamond represents a unique digital asset that makes luxury accessible to all.


1 Carat Tiamonds Launch

We unveiled a special collection of 1 Carat Tiamonds, offering a luxurious option for our discerning customers. This was sold within an hour of the launch.  We introduced the use of the TIA token for purchases up to 30% of the value, which gives a real advantage to Tiamonds holders (who received TIA tokens as rewards) and to those who invested in the token in the early days.


Tiamond #202 Launch

We introduced Tiamond #202, adding to our growing portfolio of unique tokenized diamonds. Each Tiamond represents a story, and #202 is no exception, which is a testament to our commitment to innovation and exclusivity. 


10 New Exquisite Tiamonds Launch

We expanded our portfolio with the launch of 10 new exquisite Tiamonds, each with an unmatched class and rarity of tokenized diamonds. Added stones of different shapes and sizes, which ensures accessibility for diamond enthusiasts of all levels, with 10 Carat Tiamonds being the masterpiece of the collection.


Signature Flow Integration on Tiamonds Platform

We integrated Signature Flow, enhancing the security and usability of our platform. This development underscored our commitment to providing a secure and user-friendly experience. The key highlight was the elimination of the gas fee on listing/offering the Tiamonds for sale.


Listing & Sales

Tiamonds Listed on Rarible & X2Y2: Tiamonds had partnered with Rarible and the X2Y2 platform, enabling users to obtain ownership of tokenized diamond NFTs through a straightforward process by connecting their wallets on Rarible and X2Y2. 

15 Tiamonds Sold Out on NMKR: The sale of 15 Tiamonds on NMKR showcased the growing demand for our tokenized diamonds, and emphasizing their appeal as both luxury assets and investment opportunities. All diamonds were sold out within a few hours.

$TIA Listed on Coingecko: The listing of our native token, $TIA, on Coingecko under the RWA category marked a milestone in our journey. It reflected our commitment to transparency and accessibility, allowing users to track the token’s performance.

Tiamonds Flash Sale: Our Flash Sale offered users an exclusive opportunity to acquire Tiamonds at limited-time discounts, creating excitement and engagement within our community. With the enthusiastic participation of the community, the Tiamond was sold out the same day.


Tiamonds Auction Sale: Our Auction Sale introduced a thrilling new way to acquire Tiamonds, with users bidding for these unique digital assets. It added an element of competition and anticipation to the Tiamond experience, and all Tiamonds were sold out before the sale ended.

Tiamonds Partnered with RWA World:  We’ve partnered with RWA World, experts in Real World Asset Transparency, to reshape Tokenized Real-World Assets (TRWAs). Tiamonds, the leading marketplace for tokenized diamonds, is proud to be at the forefront of RWA tokenization. 

NMKR: After the successful launch of 15 tokenized diamonds on NMKR, we launched 11 more exclusive pieces on the platform, where we launched 1 new Tokenized Diamond every day for the next 11 days.


Tiamonds Giveaway:  In the spirit of gratitude, we hosted a Tiamonds Giveaway, sharing the joy of ownership with our community. It’s moments like these that reinforce our dedication to our community.


Tiamonds Black Friday Sale: Our Black Friday Sale offered a unique opportunity for customers to acquire Tiamonds at special prices, democratizing access to the world of luxury investments.


Dazzling Diamond December: Tiamonds presents “Dazzling Diamond December,” a limited-time campaign offering a chance to win a complimentary tokenized diamond worth $420 for the first purchase. TIA token holders can get up to 30% discounts on Tiamond purchases. Explore the world of luxury ownership with tokenized diamonds.

Partnerships & Events

Tiamonds Attended the Crypto Valley Brunch: We were delighted to attend the prestigious brunch event hosted by LCX, where we connected with industry leaders and enthusiasts. It was a momentous occasion to discuss the future of blockchain-powered diamonds and showcase our vision.

Tiamonds at the CV Summit: We were honored to be part of the Crypto Valley Summit, where we showcased the potential of blockchain in the diamond industry. Our presence highlighted the pivotal role we play in shaping the future of digital assets.

Crypto Valley Networking: Networking at Crypto Valley provided a platform to forge valuable partnerships and collaborations. It’s through these connections that we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the blockchain and diamond sectors.

Tiamonds at the Cardano Summit: We proudly showcased our presence at the Cardano Summit, underscoring our commitment to blockchain innovation. This event was a pivotal moment as we explored the synergy between different enthusiasts across the globe.


Tiamonds NMKR Partnership: Our partnership with NMKR marked a significant milestone, enhancing accessibility and liquidity for Tiamond holders. This collaboration showcased our dedication to expanding the Tiamond ecosystem and, at the same time, integrating a new blockchain, i.e., Cardano, on the platform.


The World’s First Tokenized Diamonds on Cardano: We made history by introducing the world’s first tokenized diamonds on the Cardano blockchain. This achievement exemplifies our pioneering spirit and commitment to innovation.


Tiamonds on the NMKR Platform: We introduced 11 Tokenized Diamonds on Cardano in partnership with NMKR. These are selling very quickly on the platform, as they come with a number of benefits.

Securely stored, insured, and redeemable with NFT burning for direct delivery.

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Key Goals for the Coming Year

  1. Enhance the Trading Experience: Strive for a more seamless trading process to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  2. Introduce New Collections: Unveil exciting new diamond collections to captivate our customers and stay at the forefront of the industry.
  3. Upgrade $TIA Utilities: Invest in upgrading the $TIA utilities to provide enhanced features and benefits to our users.
  4. Platform Growth: Focus on expanding and growing our platform to reach a wider audience and increase our market presence.
  5. Build a Strong Community: Foster a strong and supportive community of customers, partners, and stakeholders to strengthen our brand’s reputation and loyalty.
  1. Partnerships: Collaborating with projects to launch tokenized diamonds on different blockchains and making investments in diamonds more accessible.


As we bid adieu to the year 2023, Tiamonds stands humbled and profoundly thankful for the privilege of serving our valued clientele and being supported by our dedicated team of professionals. The path ahead is laden with promise, and we approach it with enthusiasm and determination.

In 2024, our core mission remains resolute: to continue delivering the utmost in quality diamonds and unparalleled service. We eagerly anticipate new collections, broadening our horizons, and creating more indelible memories for our esteemed community.

With heartfelt gratitude for your presence alongside us throughout 2023, we extend our warmest wishes for a prosperous and brilliant year ahead. From the entire team at Tiamonds, we raise a toast to a future brimming with radiance, triumph, and enduring memories. 

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