Tiamonds Partnering With NMKR


We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Tiamonds and NMKR. And we present the Launch of the World’s First Tokenized Real-World Diamonds on Cardano. The partnership will reshape the world of tokenized assets on the Cardano blockchain. This collaboration marks a historic moment in the tokenization era. It introduces the very first asset on the Cardano blockchain and leverages the power of NMKR. It an easy-to-use application designed to facilitate the creation, management, and sale of digital assets at scale on this burgeoning blockchain. NMKR empowers projects of all sizes with a seamless sales and distribution process. This eliminates the need for intricate development skills and paving the way for unprecedented digital asset accessibility.

What to Expect from the Partnership?

The partnership between Tiamonds and NMKR is not just about breaking new ground; it’s about creating opportunities and driving innovation. Both parties bring unique strengths to the table.

  • Tiamonds: As a leader in the tokenization space, it possesses a deep understanding of the art and digital collectibles market. We will leverage this expertise to curate unique and valuable diamond collections that will captivate the Cardano community.
  • NMKR: With its user-friendly interface and powerful NFT creation tools, NMKR will be the engine that empowers Tiamonds to effortlessly tokenize diamonds on the Cardano Blockchain. Together, both will introduce a user experience that is unparalleled in the Web3 space.

We believe that this partnership will unlock immense potential for both Tiamonds and NMKR. For Tiamonds, it’s a chance to bring its captivating collections to a new audience and be part of Cardano’s growing ecosystem. For NMKR, it’s an opportunity to showcase its capabilities and empower more creators to embrace tokenized assets on Cardano.

Tiamonds Exclusive Giveaway at the Cardano Summit

Tiamonds is set to elevate the event’s excitement by hosting an exclusive giveaway. This unique opportunity offers attendees the chance to win tokenized diamonds. Tiamonds will distribute 1000 QR codes during the summit, with 10 fortunate winners receiving these tokenized diamonds: Tiamonds as prizes. This initiative underscores the summit’s commitment to innovation and practical tokenization, making it a standout event highlight.

For those who are unable to attend the event, we present the opportunity to acquire Tiamonds through the following link: It is imperative to act promptly, as only 10 Tiamonds are available for purchase on the marketplace. By doing so, you can secure a spot among the exclusive owners of this unique collection.

About NMKR

NMKR is a platform for NFT Creation Tools to sell NFTs that actually fit your audience & solve real business problems. Their mission is to build tools and easy-to-use applications that help artists, brands, and developers leverage the benefits of blockchain and NFT technology.  Starting with the API as the technical foundation, NMKR continue to build easy-to-use tools and services to make it as easy as possible for you to create blockchain products

About Tiamonds

Tiamonds is the largest platform worldwide for tokenized diamonds that are fully asset-backed by certified physical diamonds and are stored securely in a vault in Liechtenstein. It guarantees the authenticity and security of these priceless assets through insurance by Lloyds London and certification by LCX and GIA. Tiamonds has partnered with LCX as a Physical Validator, ensuring that the value of the tokenized diamonds is backed by genuine, high-quality diamonds. Plus, each holder receives a physical diamond securely stored in a vault in the Swiss Alps.

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