Tiamonds Sets The Bar: $1.2 Million 10-Carat Tokenized Diamond


Tiamonds, a leader in the world of Real-World Assets (RWAs) tokenization, is thrilled to introduce its newest offering. The newly launched Tiamonds has 10 magnificent diamonds that are set to revolutionize the tokenized diamond industry. The masterpiece of the collection is a magnificent 10-carat diamond worth $1.2 million. As we continue to scale our product offerings, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of luxury and innovation in the world of blockchain and NFTs. Our previous Tiamonds launch was nothing short of a triumph! 

At the heart of our latest offering lies a true gem, a 10 Carat diamond with a staggering price tag of nearly $1.2 million. It is not just a digital asset; it is a masterpiece in its own right. We are among the few players in the market that are offering an opportunity to hold a rare 10 Carat diamond.

Key Details of 10 Carat Tiamonds

No: #10C1

Cut: Round

Carat: 10.09

Color: D

Clarity: FL

GIA Certificate Number: 2235023895

Rewards: 10,000,000 TIA Tokens

Brief About 10 Carat Tiamonds

It represents a substantial investment, and therefore, it is paramount that it possess the finest attributes, including the best color and cut. The importance of a Flawless (FL) clarity grade and a D color rating cannot be overstated in this context. FL clarity ensures that the diamond is entirely free of internal and external imperfections, ensuring unparalleled transparency and brilliance. Likewise, a D color grade signifies absolute colorlessness, rendering the diamond exceptionally rare and radiant. In essence, a 10-carat diamond signifies the pinnacle of gemstone excellence, characterized by its remarkable attributes, making it a covetable investment for collectors and investors.

But Tiamonds doesn’t stop there; they also offer nine additional exquisite pieces, ranging from $950 to $18,800, ensuring accessibility for diamond enthusiasts of all levels. But wait, there’s more! To make this opportunity even more thrilling, we are introducing the TIA Discount Program. You can avail of up to a 30% discount if paid with TIA Tokens.


Each Tiamond in this collection symbolizes a unique ownership stake in a corresponding real-world diamond, providing you with the assurance that your digital assets are fully asset-backed by 1-1 certified physical diamonds. Tiamonds are exclusively natural diamonds acquired from authorized conflict-free sources, adhering to UN resolutions and ethical standards. To ensure the safety and security of these valuable assets, they are securely stored in a vault in Liechtenstein. Additionally, Lloyds London insures our diamonds, giving you peace of mind that your investments are secure. The LCX and GIA certificates certifying these tokenized diamonds guarantee their authenticity. LCX issues a proof of ownership of the tokenized asset, and GIA certifies the cut, carat, color, and clarity of the diamond. But our commitment to authenticity doesn’t end with the digital representation of these precious stones. We have partnered with LCX, the first company approved as a Physical Validator, to ensure that the value of the tokenized diamonds is backed by genuine, high-quality diamonds. 

Get ready to own a piece of luxury and innovation with Tiamonds’ $1.2 million 10-carat tokenized diamond and explore their curated collection of stunning diamonds, offering accessibility and assurance of authenticity. Stay ahead of the game in the world of blockchain and NFTs with Tiamonds.

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