Tiamonds Integrates Signature Flow: Enhancing Platform Functionality


A significant milestone achieved! We are thrilled to announce the next step in our journey to provide the best experience for our users: the successful integration of our signature flow on the platform. This update introduces several exciting features that will enhance your Tiamonds experience, making it more convenient and user-friendly than ever before.

Key Features:

1. Offers

  • Place offers against Tiamonds in LCX, USDT, or WETH, even without an ongoing sale.
  • Tiamond owners are notified via email.
  • Tiamond owners can accept offers, with counter-offers coming soon.
  • Off-chain activity, eliminating gas fees (except for “one-time” coin approvals).
  • 1% additional service charge is applied when Tiamond owners accept offers.
  • Offerors can cancel their offers off-chain.

2. Fixed Price Listing

  • List Tiamonds for sale in LCX, USDT, or WETH.
  • Set TIA discount for buyers at up to 80%.
  • Specify alternate purchase coins for buyers.
  • Off-chain listing activity, no gas fees (except for one-time Tiamonds collection approval).
  • 1% service fee added to the purchase amount.
  • Real-time coin conversion rates for alternate coins.
  • Sellers can cancel listings.

3. Auction Listing

  • Off-chain listing activity, no gas fees (except for one-time Tiamonds collection approval).
  • List Tiamonds for auction in LCX, USDT, or WETH.

a)Set TIA discount for the auction winner up to 80%.

b)Bidding is off-chain, no gas fees (except for coin approvals).

c)Auction winner can claim the Tiamond within 7 days.

                 – Option to include a TIA discount in the net amount.

                 – 1% service charge added to the purchase amount.

  • Sellers can cancel auction listings.

4. User Activity Table

  • View and manage created orders (fixed price listings, auction listings, and offers).
  • Option to cancel any order.

We are committed to continually enhancing the user experience and functionality on our platform, and we’re excited to share that counter offers are coming soon. Until then, we invite you to explore the enhanced Tiamonds platform and enjoy a more streamlined and flexible buying and selling experience.

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