What Are $TIA Rewards?

TIA Rewards Explained

TIA Tokens offer a distinctive blend of features centered around the upgraded utilities, including perks like TIA discounts but also $TIA rewards for token holders. What sets them apart is their incorporation of three key functions: Reflection, Rebalancing, and Burn.  

Reflection: In every on-chain transaction involving TIA Tokens with a 10% total fee is automatically deducted. Half of this fee (5%) is redistributed to all existing token holders. Holders get rewarded just by holding TIA Tokens!

Rebalancing: Another 2.5% of every transaction goes into LCX tokens at Uniswap. LCX actively adds these tokens to their long-term reserve, which in turn creates value and stability for the entire LCX ecosystem.

Burn: The remaining 2.5% of TIA Tokens in each transaction are automatically burned. This reduces the token supply over time rather making TIA Tokens inherently deflationary. 

Why TIA Tokens?

TIA Token is the utility token of Tiamonds that drives its ecosystem. Well, owning Tiamonds and having $TIA as a bonus in your portfolio can be quite rewarding. These $TIA rewards can be:

Encashed Immediately 

With every Tiamond purchase the  owner receives $TIA as rewards. The $TIA rewards you receive vary depending on the Tiamond you choose, but the best part is that Tiamond owners can claim them all and encash them immediately.

Used as a Discount on Your Next Purchase 

Tiamonds new collection is live, and you can utilize your tokens to get up to 30% off on your next purchase of Tiamonds. A perfect blend of fashion and crypto. So,  if you own $TIA tokens that you can get a discount 

What’s next for TIA Tokens? They arelisted on the LCX Exchange with three trading pairs: TIA / LCX, TIA / ETH, and TIA / EUR. This will make trading TIA Tokens simple and accessible to a wider audience. 

Buy $TIA



You can buy $TIA from Uniswap as well!


What are $TIA Rewards?

Owning a Tiamond goes beyond just possessing a stunning piece; it grants you access to a rewarding ecosystem fueled by the $TIA token. Every Tiamond purchase is accompanied by a reward of $TIA tokens, which enhances the value of your acquisition. The rewards you receive depend on the Tiamond you choose, but the good news is you can claim them all within a set timeframe.

However, what is the genuine gem? In contrast to conventional reward programs that necessitate a waiting period, it is possible to promptly redeem your $TIA tokens. Plus, you can redeem these tokens for a discount of up to 30% on your next Tiamond purchase..Therefore, you not only acquire a stunning item, but you also receive a reward for it, which you can then apply to the expansion of your collection at a reduced price. $TIA Rewards: It is a mutually beneficial deal for both enthusiasts and professionals.

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