Tiamonds: Tokenized Diamonds

20240307 What is Tiamonds

To keep up with the advancements in blockchain technology, Tiamonds came into the picture. It is offering tokenized diamonds as investments that are easier and more accessible for everyone. An initiative driving the financial economy by bridging the gap between digital and physical.

Tiamonds includes two key elements: Tokenized Diamonds called Tiamonds and a deflationary cryptocurrency called TIA Token.

Tiamonds incorporates the ERC-721 token standard and Liechtenstein Protocol characteristics.  The 4 C’s delineate the four fundamental qualities of each diamond: cut, color, clarity, and carat. Additionally, each Tiamond will secure a GIA diamond certificate and an LCX Physical Validator Certificate.

Tiamonds have linked the cryptocurrency industry with the most valuable gemstone, the diamond. The goal is to effortlessly incorporate diamonds into one’s investment portfolio.

February 22, 2022, is the date of the initial Tiamond auction and the deployment of $TIA on-chain.

Benefits of TiamondsTokenized Diamonds

It actively utilizes the ERC721 Non-Fungible Token standard and the Ethereum blockchain to generate digital representations of individual diamonds and grant them the ability to be traded as assets.

  • Asset-backed investments: Every tokenized diamond backs one to one with genuine, individual diamonds.
  • As NFTs, tokenized diamonds are both tradable and redeemable.

  • TIA Token rewards that can be claimed immediately

Tiamonds adopts the approach of embracing its non-fungibility as a cryptocurrency asset. Tiamonds are now tradable on any cryptocurrency exchange that supports the ERC721 protocol

TIA Tokens are the utility token of the Tiamonds Marketplace, with three simple functions that occur during every transaction, which are Reflection, Rebalancing, and Burn.

Every on-chain transaction automatically takes a total fee of 10% and splits it in three ways:

Reflection: The smart contract automatically redistributes 5% of fees to all existing holders.

Rebalancing: The smart contract automatically sells a 2.5% fee into an LCX token at Uniswap. The acquired LCX Token is then added to the long-term LCX company reserve.

Burn: Automatically, 2.5% of the TIA Tokens are burned.

How to Accquire Tokenized Diamonds -Tiamonds?

Fixed Sale

Only LCX verified users have access to the fixed-priced diamond sale. Grant exclusive access to the Tiamonds sale platform to VIP customers, limiting them to purchasing one Tiamond at a time. In the context of payment, along with LCX Tokens we now also accept WETH, USDT, and TIA.

Auction Sale

Verified LCX users can access the auction. Following the establishment of a minimum price, verified LCX users can actively submit bids for these tokenized diamonds until the auction concludes.

Process of Buying Tiamonds?


Complete your KYC

Visit the official website:

Connect your wallet

Click on “Marketplace.”

Explore and click on the ‘Order Now’ tab to purchase the Tiamond you like


By increasing consumer accessibility to tokenized assets and promoting tokenization, Tiamonds contribute to the pervasive adoption of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. We aim to actively develop a technological infrastructure and blockchain ecosystem to capitalize on these forthcoming opportunities. By utilizing tokenized diamonds, we investigate digital scarcity and the tokenization of assets with Tiamonds, an innovative yet unexplored concept enabled by blockchain technology.

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