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Tiamonds and Coimex Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Global Trade with Tokenized Assets

Tiamonds Coimex Partnership

11th July, 2024 – Tiamonds, a pioneering company in the tokenization of real-world diamonds, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Coimex, the driving force behind the Exim Token project, the first digital currency tailored for import and export transactions. 

This collaboration aims to integrate the strengths of both companies to create an unprecedented platform that leverages blockchain technology and smart contracts to facilitate seamless, secure, and efficient global trade. By combining Tiamonds’ expertise in diamond tokenization with Coimex’s innovative Exim Token, the partnership will unlock new opportunities for investors and businesses worldwide, setting a new standard in the realm of Real World Assets (RWA).

What to Expect from this Partnership

This groundbreaking RWA partnership will enhance international trade and investment through the innovative use of commodity-backed digital currencies and real-world diamonds. This partnership will create a unique ecosystem that offers investors and businesses the ability to engage in secure, transparent, and efficient transactions. Stakeholders can anticipate:

  1. Increased liquidity in the diamond market through tokenization
  2. Enhanced transparency and security in global trade transactions
  3. New investment opportunities combining traditional commodities and digital assets
  4. Streamlined trade processes benefiting SMEs and larger enterprises alike
  5. Greater access to diverse markets and investment channels for crypto investors

About Coimex

The Exim Token project of Coimex is renowned for being the first digital currency specifically designed for import and export transactions. This B2B-focused initiative extends Coimex’s active presence in the global trade community, reaching over 50,000 companies across 108 countries over the past four years. Exim Token enhances global trade efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging this extensive trade network.

As a Real World Asset (RWA) project, Exim Token merges the crypto world with real-world trade. Crypto investors participate in funding SMEs’ financing needs through crowdfunding, receiving dividends in return. This innovative approach allows crypto investors to earn income from real-world trade while facilitating SME growth and participation in global trade.

Utilizing advanced technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts, Exim Token streamlines trade processes, making them more transparent, reliable, and efficient. This empowers SMEs to strengthen their position in global trade and gain easier access to new markets. Coimex’s vision is to reshape the future of global trade by empowering businesses to thrive in a more inclusive and dynamic trade environment.

“We’re very excited about the future of Real-World Assets (RWA). The decentralized nature of RWA offers justice, freedom, and opportunity, creating seamless, secure, and transparent connections between the digital and physical worlds. Our partnership with Tiamonds exemplifies this vision, demonstrating the power of collaboration to revolutionize global trade and investment through innovative technologies and trusted commodities like diamonds.”– Selhattin Urfali, CEO of Coimex

About Tiamonds

Tiamonds is at the forefront of the intersection between traditional commodities and digital assets, specializing in the tokenization of real-world diamonds. By leveraging blockchain technology, Tiamonds provides a secure, transparent, and efficient platform for investors to access the value of diamonds in the digital space. The company’s mission is to democratize access to diamond investments, providing a new level of liquidity and market participation.

With Tiamonds, investors can buy, sell, and trade fractional ownership of high-quality diamonds, making diamond investments accessible to a broader audience. The platform ensures the authenticity and provenance of each diamond through robust verification processes and smart contracts, offering a level of transparency and trust unparalleled in the industry. Tiamonds is committed to bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds, revolutionizing how diamonds are traded and invested globally.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Coimex in this groundbreaking partnership. By combining our expertise in diamond tokenization with Coimex’s pioneering Exim Token, we are set to transform global trade and investment landscapes. This collaboration will not only enhance liquidity and transparency in the diamond market but also open new avenues for investors and businesses to engage in secure, efficient, and innovative transactions. Together, we are paving the way for a new era in the realm of Real World Assets (RWA).” – Steven Gaertner, Head of Tiamonds

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