Launching 3 Exclusive Cardano Tiamonds On NMKR

3 Exclusive Cardano Tiamonds On NMKR

Diamonds have been a symbol of luxury, brilliance, and eternal value for centuries, earning them a place of prestige. However, the high costs and complex purchasing processes have restricted typical diamond ownership to high-net-worth individuals.

After the following success, we are thrilled to launch 3 exclusive Cardano Tiamonds with NMKR on June 6, 2024. It marks the beginning of a new era of diamond ownership thanks to a groundbreaking collaboration between Tiamonds and NMKR. This initiative is an important moment as it combines the transformative potential of blockchain technology with the enduring allure of diamonds.

New Drops Details

  1. NMKR Tiamond #32: This F-Color diamond could be the star of your collection of digital assets. An Emerand Cut 0.30 Carat diamond with SI2 Clarity.
  2. NMKR Tiamond #33: A brilliant round cut diamond is up for grabs on NMKR. It is a 0.50 Carat diamond with G Color and VS2 Clarity.
  3. NMKR Tiamond #34: A brilliant and classic round cut diamond with SI1 Clarity. It is a Color I with 0.30 Carat.

Democratizing the Ownership of Diamonds

Diamond ownership has historically been a special privilege. Nevertheless, this initiative promotes inclusivity. These three distinctive gemstones will be broken down into smaller, purchasable units through  the NMKR platform. This democratizes accessibility to a previously limited asset class, enabling individuals of all financial circumstances to engage in diamond ownership.

Powered by Cardano

This launch is based on the secure and environmentally favorable Cardano blockchain network. We will carefully tokenize each diamond, transforming it into its digital form on the blockchain. This guarantees comprehensive transparency throughout the ownership process. The blockchain will maintain an immutable record of each transaction, from the initial purchase to future transactions, thereby ensuring legitimacy and encouraging trust.

How to Buy Cardano Tiamonds?

About NMKR

NMKR is a platform for NFT Creation Tools to sell NFTs that actually fit your audience & solve real business problems. Their mission is to build tools and easy-to-use applications that help artists, brands, and developers leverage the benefits of blockchain and NFT technology.  Starting with the API as the technical foundation, NMKR continue to build easy-to-use tools and services to make it as easy as possible for you to create blockchain products

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