Introducing the First Tokenized Diamond on XRP

Tiamonds and XRP Cafe Partrnership

Welcome to the unveiling of a sparkling new chapter in the world of digital assets. Tiamonds takes great pride in introducing its newest collection on, marking a significant stride in our commitment to pioneering advancements in tokenized luxury. Building upon our established presence on esteemed platforms like OpenSea and Rarible and our groundbreaking collaboration with NMKR on Cardano, we now turn our focus to the dynamic landscape of the XRP community.

With a distinguished track record of the first tokenized diamond launch on Cardano and an almost-dropped 30 stone in collaboration with NMKR. We embark on a new chapter of expansion and innovation. Experience the captivating fusion of the timeless allure of diamonds with cutting-edge technology in the Tiamonds New Collection.

An Overview of the Marketplace serves as the main NFT marketplace and catalyst for the XRPL ecosystem, providing an extensive selection of digital collections and assets. By placing significant emphasis on creator rights, community, and transparency, offers a dynamic, secure, and transparent marketplace where users can purchase, sell, and manufacture NFTs. Powered by the XRPL’s advanced functionalities, which encompass mandatory royalties for creators. leads the way in the digital asset revolution by providing creators and collectors with empowerment.

New Collection – Beans to Brillance 

10 Tokenized Diamonds

Carat: 0.18-0.34 

GIA Certified

Color: IJK

Clarity: IF-SI2

Cut: Round, Marquise and Princess

Price range approx: 240-310 USD (450-575 xrp)

How to Purchase Tiamonds on

  • Create a wallet
  • Reserve Requirements
  • Add XRP to your wallet
  • Click on the Tiamonds Collection
  • Purchase any of the NFT from the collection

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