Guide to Diamond Colors


Whenever it comes to diamonds, there are numerous color options available. And while every color has its own significance, they all share one characteristic: their exquisite appeal. Although white and colorless diamonds are among the most prevalent, diamonds can be nearly any color. It can significantly affect a diamond’s symbolism, so when selecting it, consider the different diamond colors. 

What is a Diamond? 

Yellow, white, and pink rank as the most popular diamond varieties, with these transparent gemstones typically appearing colorless but also available in other hues. The term “diamond” originates from the Ancient Greek word “adamas,” meaning “unbreakable.” As the most durable naturally occurring substance on Earth, diamonds are commonly used in jewelry and for artistic purposes.

Diamonds were formed millions of years ago underneath the Earth’s crust. Volcanic and other geological events are responsible for bringing them to the surface. The color, clarity, cut, and carat weight of a diamond determine its value. Typically, highly precious diamonds are those that are significant and contain few or no imperfections. 

Diamond clarity is referred to as its color. The color gauge for diamonds ranges from D (completely transparent) to Z (a warm yellowish tint). The objective with regard to diamond color should be to locate a stone that appears colorless. This does not require going to the apex of the diamond color scale. Extremely excellent qualities offer little discernible distinction but result in a significant rise in diamond prices. 

Different Colors of Diamonds  

A diamond’s color is significant to the majority of individuals. Diamond colors can influence both the cost and how individuals perceive the stone. However, the most essential aspect of selecting a diamond is ensuring that it is visually appealing. The significance of the diamond could be a factor in the decision-making process, but ultimately, it’s going to come down to which color the buyer finds most attractive. 

There are numerous forms of diamonds, and each has a distinct value. The most prevalent variety of diamond is the white diamond, which is associated with purity, innocence, and new beginnings.

Black Diamonds 

Regarding diamonds, black has replaced white. The newest trend in the diamond industry, black diamonds, are rapidly becoming one of the most popular options for wedding rings and other fine diamond jewelry. 

They represent fortitude, power, and authority. They are ideal for individuals who are assured and at ease in their own outermost layer. If the buyer desires a diamond to make a statement, they should opt for one that is black. 

Red Diamonds 

Red diamonds often serve as symbols of desire or affection, and they are also believed to represent strength and courage.

Pink Diamonds 

People associate pink diamonds with softness and romance, often using them to symbolize tenderness or sweetness. They also represent grace and elegance. 

White Diamonds 

White or colorless diamonds have been the most sought-after variety. They represent purity and simplicity, making them ideal for an engagement ring. White diamonds also symbolize innocence, fortitude, and genuine love, which are all ideal thoughts for any couple’s union!  

In many traditions, newlyweds wear white to represent their purity and virtue. In Western societies, white is frequently associated with perfection. This may explain the reason so many individuals opt for white diamonds for their wedding bands – they represent eternal love and devotion.

White diamonds have come to symbolize luxury and wealth and are frequently viewed as a sign of wealth that only the wealthy and renowned can afford. 

Yellow Diamonds  

Yellow diamonds have a vibrant color that exudes pleasure and happiness. As such, these stones represent friendship, optimism, pleasure, and enjoyment. These diamonds are ideal for couples who wish to remember their relationship by wearing a piece of jewelry that reflects their vibrant personalities!  

Because of their exceptional attractiveness, nobles and royalty have treasured them for centuries. They have become increasingly common in engagement rings and other exquisite diamond jewelry in recent years. 

Purple Diamonds

Purple diamonds hold broad significance, connecting with numerous concepts. People often associate these diamonds with royalty and opulence because the color frequently symbolizes wealth and luxury. Purple diamonds might also hold spiritual significance for some individuals, as they associate the color with creative thinking, intuition, and imagination.

Blue Diamonds 

Blue diamonds represent intelligence and reliability. They also impart a sense of serenity and are regarded as a potent charm of protection against malevolent spirits or entities. For instance, those who have been together for a long time or who want to protect their relationship from outside influences might wear blue diamonds.

Green Diamonds 

Green diamonds symbolize prosperity and abundance. The color green symbolizes growth and rebirth, making it ideal for couples who want to breathe new energy into the relationship or begin again after enduring difficulties. Although people uncommonly seek green diamonds, these gems offer a unique option. Gamma rays must expose the diamond to imbue it with the green coloration. It is rare for a diamond to display an even green color distribution, making the acquisition of a completely green diamond costly. 

Tips For Maintaining Colored Diamonds 

Regarding diamond colors, there are quite a few considerations to keep in mind in order to keep their jewelry looking its best. Here are some maintenance recommendations for keeping colored diamond jewelry sparkling. As harsh chemicals and cleansers can damage the surface of diamonds, one should avoid exposing them to them. Be cautious when wearing these, as accidental knocks or impacts can cause chips or fissures. To prevent scratching, store them in a soft, lined jewelry case or pouch. At least once a year, have the diamond jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected. 


No matter what color one chooses, diamond jewelry is the ideal means to express one’s commitment and affection. Whether it’s an uncolored diamond for purity, a yellow diamond for happiness, or any of these other unique jewels, be sure to consider all of their meanings when choosing between the diamond colors. 

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