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Diamond Traceability with Tiamonds

Diamond Traceability with Tiamonds

Diamonds have captivated souls for centuries with their sparkle and beauty. However, in recent years, there has been a growing concern regarding the ethical sourcing and origin of diamonds. Consumers desire to be informed about the origins of their sparkle, guaranteeing that their purchase is socially responsible and conflict-free. This is the point at which diamond traceability is executed. Tiamonds is one of the first to provide the origin of the diamonds with a traceability certificate.

Diamond traceability, which tracks the diamonds journey from mine to market, establishes a transparent record that confirms the origin and ethical practices of a diamond throughout the supply chain. This enables consumers to make informed judgements about their diamond purchases, confident that they don’t make a contribution to conflict or exploitation.

The introduction of 2 magnificent diamonds marks the beginning of a new chapter at Tiamonds. These alluring jewels stand out even more due to the unwavering security that a TRACR Certificate offers. This certificate provides an in-depth account of your diamond’s journey, from its mine of origin to its final polish, and is both secure and verifiable. The certificate guarantees the ethical sourcing and authenticity of your diamond through the use of cutting-edge blockchain technology.

The certificate enables you to observe the following:

Mine of origin

Ensure that your diamond was ethically sourced.

Locations for Cutting and Polishing

Follow the diamond’s progression through the cutting and polishing procedure.


Access independent substantiation of your diamond’s cut, clarity, color, and carat weight through grading reports.

With this sort of certification, one can be assured that their diamond is ethically sourced and conflict-free. It is the ideal method for enhancing the luster and ensuring that your diamond purchase is secure.

How to Purchase?

Visit: tiamonds.com/market

Scroll down and go to “Trending Today”.

Click on the diamond you want to purchase

Click on’ Buy Now’

Diamond Details

Fixed Sale

Cut: Round

Color: G

Carat: 0.20

Clarity: VVS1

Price: 500 USDT

$TIA Rewards: 5000

Sale Duration: 30 days

Buy now: tiamonds.com/market/235

Auction Sale

Starting Price: $200

Cut: Round

Color: D

Carat: 0.18

Clarity: SI1

$TIA Rewards: 4000

Auction Duration: 6 days

Buy now: tiamonds.com/market/236

In Conclusion

Diamonds are a representation of affection, dedication, and celebration. You can guarantee that your glitter is not only beautiful but also ethically responsible, with diamond traceability from Tiamonds. Choose Tiamonds and let your diamond shine with confidence.

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